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Streetwise Workshops:

2023 Workshop Dates – All held in Canungra QLD – $69.00 for members, $89.00 for non-members.

  • March 19th workshop 1 – Defining YOU
  • April 23rd workshop 2 – Your body and what you ingest. Death by diet!
  • May 28th workshop 3 – Knowing your mind, ego, and thoughts
  • June 18th workshop 4 – The soul and its wisdom

The more we know about ourselves and the nature of reality, the more tools we have to begin to make powerful changes in our lives! The key to change is to understand as much as we can about consciousness and the ‘tools’ it uses to develop itself – namely experience via our emotions and feelings. Our consciousness is very aware and notices everything, it observes and pays attention to us. It is aware of our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our dreams, our behaviors, and our desires. It ‘observes’.

Your environment does not control your thinking, you do! Once you learn the secrets of tapping into the resources within and the conscious ‘Living Field’ around us, you become very aware of how all affects you and the future you are creating and able to create.

For nearly three decades Samantha has focused her attention on researching the human nervous system, metaphysical psychology, cell re-programming via epigenetics, quantum and electro-magnetic fields, frequency & vibration, coherent water, and the heart coherence, to gain an understanding of how we connect and interact with the field around us—all of which reflect her passion for exploring mind, consciousness, and emotions to teach people how they can not only heal illness but also to change anything in their life and live what they desire to be in their life without self-sabotaging themselves.

She has also explored the science and mechanics behind spontaneous remissions and how people heal themselves of chronic conditions and even terminal diseases by using prayer, belief, and meditation; to develop an even better understanding of how our focused mind and emotions can create miracles in our life. “With every single ‘THOUGHT’ we have, a neuropeptide is released. In other words, our thoughts release chemicals into our body and our body reacts to those chemicals. On top of that, our THOUGHTS create a frequency that ripples out into the universe that can be picked up just as a radio wave can be. With ‘INTENT’ our thoughts can cause things to be formed in the ether, which then eventually comes into existence and we experience that which we have sent out, in the physical world,

“Most just don’t know how to use their mind and have little or no understanding of consciousness and the powers we all have to create balance and harmony [or disharmony] in our body and life as a whole”, says Samantha.

Science is now finally demonstrating how sound frequency is the fundamental structure, or organizational principle, of everything in our universe: the way in which matter comes into being. Even the nucleus of every cell of your own body is a quantum sound wave, constantly in dialogue with the field of reality. When you consciously use sound to create your world, remarkable things begin to happen for you.

Knowing how to use your mind to create the ‘frequency’ of your desired outcomes however can be tricky, especially when our EGO and program ‘blocks’ gets in the way. When you understand how it all works the world changes as you see the effects of your thoughts coming into being, however.

You’ll discover what the CONSCIOUS NETWORK of SYSTEMS is and how we create into ‘BEING’, by what it is we envisage and how we then turn those desires into our physical reality.

Be guided through some very funny metaphors to gain an understanding of consciousness, free will, and the powers we all have to create balance and harmony [or disharmony] in our body and life as a whole.

How connecting to our own inner GPS will stop ALL Self-sabotage and have us living free of the Ego and its ‘Tread-Mill’ of thinking, that blocks us from true personal growth

Why Thinking is a system just like all other body functions. Our Thinking, our Emotions, and our Words are connected to a ‘System’. We have body systems, planetary systems, weather systems, solar systems, star systems, etc. We are ALL part of ONE HUGE NETWORK OF SYSTEMS.

How exposure to toxic frequencies disconnects us from the Conscious Field.

What FOODS cause a disconnection and inhibit our personal growth?

Learn the secrets to creating all you desire via the ‘Process Requirements’ (language) of the Command System.

How to remove mental blocks & limiting beliefs

Samantha’s unique entertaining delivery of her profound teachings with have you thinking, pondering, and laughing through the whole workshop.

Streetwise overview:

These gatherings are for people who wish to know, who they actually are without the baggage that has been collected over the years of their life. To then take that understanding of themselves and transform their lives.

Workshop participants will learn about themselves, their most suited diet, career path, and how to change most things in their lives so as to thrive instead of just surviving their life, as is the case with many.

Learn how you are quite simply a Biological Computer, which is a network of systems that transmits and receives information.

You will understand how your body has ‘Factory Settings’ and why you need to understand what they are and what ‘programs’ have been added that can inhibit your desire to make changes if you don’t realize they are there. In other words, causes you to ‘self-sabotage’.

You’ll learn your profile, and how to understand your Biorhythms, natural skills, and your natural abilities. All are there to help you understand who you actually are, not the labels placed on you over the years, including the labels you have placed on yourself, which just may be the cause of many of your problems.

You’ll understand your input data and how your biological systems react to that data, (information).

Thoughts are just like food, they can enhance our systems or poison them.

You will be able to work through the language you use and enhance it to enable you to ‘correct’ imbalances within your body.

You will be able to recognize the people in your life that are inhibiting your growth. Know who are the pullers, campers, and psychopaths that come into your life are.

You will learn how to bring what it is you desire into being and what you are doing that is pushing your desires away from you.

You will leave understanding your EGO and its personality traits.

You will learn about ‘Self-Sabotage’, which will have you understand the ‘mechanism’ behind your own personal Self-Sabotage.

The Streetwise Workshops are designed the have you understand yourself fully. You will walk away knowing exactly who you are and hence the right actions to enable you to take life’s ‘ups and downs’ in a whole new ‘empowering’ way.