My RawGasms Cooking Show

Cashew Ginger Cream w Banana Ginger Snaps by Samantha Rayn Bachman

Cashew nuts make the best raw cream, let alone when you mix them with fresh fruit or ginger to make something special. Samantha not only shows you an amazing cashew cream, she takes a banana, some coconut and ginger and turns it into the most amazing wrap/ biscuit you will ever eat.

Sockeye Salmon – Smoked, Raw or Lightly cooked by Samantha Rayn Bachman

Sockeye Salmon is the best Salmon in the world. In fact it is the only salmon recommended by doctors for pregnant women and children as it is totally wild and hence has no chemicals added. The best thing about this salmon though is the taste. Whether you have it raw or cooked there is nothing else like it for salmon lovers.

Raw Mushroom Thai Wraps by Zane & Samantha Rayn Bachman

Mushroom in many varieties have been enjoyed for thousands of years by cultures all over the world. Unfortunately most Westerners just aren’t sure about how to use them. This amazingly simple raw recipes will have your taste buds kicking and screaming and begging for Raw.

Raw Seaweed Salad with Zane & Samantha Rayn Bachman

The nutrition in seaweed is by far at the top of the list when it comes to minerals and being a complete protein. Sad that most people leave it out of their diet due to not being sure of how to prepare it or being ignorant to its health and nutritional benefits. Time to Enjoy this amazing recipe and let your taste buds be begging for RAW of what seaweeds have to offer.

Raw Spicy Nuts with Zane & Samantha Rayn Bachman

Nothing like simple and healthy recipes using fresh nuts and seeds to have your guests taste buds screaming for RAW. Nuts and seeds are high in nutrition and are a far better choice than the processed versions. Dehydrating keeps all the nutrition in tack and hence your body receives the nutrients it needs to become vital.

Raw Hommus on RawVita’s

Once again Samantha and her special guest Jason Woodforth MP talk about kids, diet and food additives whilst making up some really simple raw food recipes. On this show Samantha makes Raw Hommus and a very simple RawVita biscuit that is so simple and yet tastes amazing.

Raw Corn Cakes

Another simple and easy raw food idea from Samantha on making Raw Corn Cakes in the EziDry Snackmaker. On this episode Samantha has guest Glennys MacKay and talks about the “Other Side” and what just might be there.

Raw Thai Coconut Curry Soup

Another episode on Samantha Bachman’s RawGasms and The Raw Essentials Program. Samantha Bachman makes up a RAW Thai Coconut Curry soup which is Rawsome to say the least whilst adding a few jokes as only Samantha can get away with.

Mushroom Stir-fry Salad

On this episode of Samantha Bachman’s RawGasms she and Jason Woodforth her regular guest talk about the benefits of Camel poop and microorganism whilst making a Mushroom Stirfry salad. She then introduces Rory Bland – The Raw Food Dude and shows a simple way to make Coconut Bacon.

Camel poop – A bit of humour

Samantha Bachman has a joke with Jason Woodforth during the filming of one of Samantha’s RawGasm cooking shows. All about a bit of humour.

Raw Chocolate Nut Slice

Back in the kitchen with Samantha Rayn Bachman and her special guest Zane Appleby from Froothie making an amazing raw chocolate nut slice that is as easy as and highly nutritious .Nothing better than getting some amazing raw food in the diet in the way we like to eat them…….looking like a junk food!

Raw Almond Orange Cake

Samantha’s Raw Almond Orange Cake comes from a Restaurant Surprise she did on The Little Green Cafe in Mt Gravatt some time ago. If you want to see the original look at the show under the same name she did. On this show once again Samantha has guest Glennys MacKay and talks about the spirit world and what’s up on the other side. Samantha Bachman has had over 30 years in the healthcare industry. She now prefers to teach people how to eat well and get away from the disease management model we have become familiar with and take control of our own health via proper diet and lifestyle habits. We are digging our graves with our teeth, it is time to understand what our body really needs and reclaim our health says Samantha.

Raw Celeriac Soup

Samantha Bachman with her guest Glennys MacKay make one of the simplest yet truly yummy raw soups ever, it is Raw Celeriac Soup and you won’t believe just how simple it is and what a taste sensation, it will certainly have your taste buds kicking and screaming and begging for RAW.

Raw Zuccinni Pasta

Samantha Bachman and her regular guest Jason Woodforth MP taste test another amazingly simple raw food recipe. Raw Zucchini with sundered tomato sauce will have your taste buds kicking and screaming for RAW. Samantha is working with Jason to teach a healthier way to eat to kids via the school canteen. 80% of diseases are diet related says Samantha and so 8/10 feed themselves their own disease. It is time to get the facts and stop digging our graves with our teeth says Samantha. We are killing our selves through knife, food and ignorance! Change your diet and change your life, it’s as simple as that.

Raw Coconut Black Sesame Ice-cream with Samantha Bachman & Zane Appleby

Raw Coconut Black Sesame Ice-cream is as easy as to make and it will have your taste buds kicking and scramming and begging for RAW. There is nothing like raw foods and Samantha & Zane show you just how easy it is to whip up some raw ice-cream using coconut as a base.