Our HISTORY has been a LIE

What if everything you’ve been taught about the origins of civilization is wrong? Be it that certain pieces of our history have been intentionally hidden, or that we have yet to discover and realize the true story of our past, new archaeological and geological discoveries are revealing that sophisticated civilizations have likely existed in prehistoric times.

You have to ask, Why do ‘THEY’ hide information and findings regarding our history? The answer is simple, ‘they’ don’t want us to know the truth! If we knew the hidden secrets of our beginnings, we would know who we really are and our true potential and power.

The hidden secrets of the link between our most important archeological finds.

Is it possible that a “Very High Civilization” once vied for dominance  within our Solar System and that planet Earth has been actively engaged in this contest?

There is convincing evidence that the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau was part of an ancient military stratagem to deploy a death star beam weapon.  Learn more from the evidence put forth in the videos on this page