Our own Inner Guidance System – The HEART


Innate intelligence or consciousness intelligence comes from the heart center. This is where our knowing our intuition our ‘gut feeling’ comes from. This heart center is our direct connection with consciousness not our brain. In other words, the brain serves the heart center not the heart center serving the brain.

There was some very interesting research done by the Heart Math Institute in America and it was discovered that there are more nerves going from the heart to the brain than from the brain to the heart. The heart is the most powerful electromagnetic field in the body.

When we ‘come from’ the heart we are accessing higher levels of information from the universal energy field.

This then causes the bodies’ electromagnetic energy field to vibrate at a higher frequency and so transmits that information.

Our emotions are what activate the heart center. They, [our emotions] cause a vibration of electromagnetic energy just as a radio tower sends signals out to be picked up by your radio or your phone or your computer.

When we feel happiness, love, joy, happiness and the like we send vibrations to the heart center which then send messages to the brain and we feel the energy of those feelings which are then sent out into the universal energy field.

If the frequency we are sending out is of anger, racism, revenge and hate then this will be picked up just the same.

So in short we have an emotional connection with the world around us.

When we refuse to enter into feelings of hate, fear and other similar emotions then we cannot send that particular vibration out.

HeartMath - Samantha Bachman

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence