Morphing into Something Special

Commanding Your Life – The Language of Creation


Morphing into Something Special – The Story of Your Life!

2 Days that will Change Your Life!

Two amazing days that start with learning how we Command into Being and turn the unseen into the seen, followed by understand the process of how our Language is making or breaking us so to speak.

All you will ever need to profoundly change the direct of your life!

Samantha is one of the world’s most leading edge Bio-Energetic & Healthcare Revolutionaries; she brilliantly, teaches, inspires, empowers and entertains at the same time, to make lifelong changes. Samantha is an, ‘experience’ not to be missed.

Samantha Rayn Bachman - Morphing into Something Special - world tour
Samantha Rayn Bachman – Morphing into Something Special – world tour

“When you know how to work with the ‘Mind’ and ‘Laws of Creation’, and understand the ‘Operational Language’ it used to create all, you can then use the same language to ‘Morph into Something Special’, it’s as simple as that, the ‘ordinary’ has been done to death, time to become who it is we are now ready to become”, says Samantha

Samantha brings you the complete package. With many decades of ‘Wisdom’ from the ‘Others-Side’, Samantha has condensed her wisdom into a Two Day Workshop, that will have you walking away never having to do another ‘You-Can-Do-It’ type event again. All the ‘Tools’ and ‘Skills’ you need to know are taught during the ‘Morphing into Something Special’ workshop.


Day 1:

Commanding Your Life – The Language of Creation.

Samantha gives you a complete overview of what it is to be a Human Being. What the body is, what it does, what inhibits its proper development and what its actual needs are? She explains the Human Mind and how it is we create from our Thoughts, Feelings and Words and how it is we have collected ‘viruses’ along the way that inhibit our systems correct functioning.

She teaches us how our language and our body’s language are quite simply ‘Input/Output data’, which our body ‘interprets’ and adjusts itself accordingly to. Once we understand this, we become very mindful as to what information is going into our body, especially as we understand this information is ‘making or breaking’ us so to speak!

Once you understand the basics you will no longer be able to look at certain things the same again. You will understand the ‘Dis-Harmony’ it is causing and simply ‘Delete’ certain things from you life. Self-sabotage becomes a thing of the past. Most people don’t understand just how much their actions have an impact on the bodies functioning. Once they do, they are ‘empowered’ to do things differently.

_ABBL flyer 2 SBTTS8997Samantha teaches us how our body is quite simply a Network of Systems, both biological and non-biological, (living and non-living, physical and non-physical), that, has evolved to collect and share information from its surroundings and experiences and transmit it to an ever-evolving system, via a CONSCIOUS NETWORK OF SYSTEMS, [The Conscious Field], for one reason and one reason alone, to Evolve our Consciousness. Through ‘working’ with our experiences, learning from those experiences and then Creating into BEING the best we can from our experiences, talents and skills we are able to create our life, as we desire it, [via our choice range options].

“All Body Systems, (energetic, physical, emotional and nutritional), our Thinking, our Emotions, our Words and our Focused Intent, are all connected to this ‘System’.

Over 90% of dis-eases are either Diet, or ’Thought’ and ‘Emotion’ related or both. What we put in our body and our mind over the day – impacts us on a physical and spiritual level more than we ever thought possible. The solution to our problems is within us all as it has always been. It is in the understanding of this, [how to Command our life], that will free us from the problems of life we have inadvertently allowed to be created.


Morphing into Something Special – The story of Your Life.

In Morphing into Something Special, Samantha takes you through the 12 areas of life. She takes you through each area, ‘corrects’ the ‘language’ (input/output data) and hence corrects any misinformation in that area. Samantha teaches how to connect to the ‘Conscious Field’, via your own ‘inner GPS’ and understand if your ‘Thinking’ is in alignment with what is right for you, to ensure you follow the path (destiny) that is ‘programed’ within you.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 11.30.28 amShe takes you back to ‘Factory Settings’ [as she calls it], by removing all ‘Blocks’ within your Systems Field, [including ‘Health Blocks’].

Once each area has been ‘corrected’, she helps you pull all areas together and you end up with ‘The Story of Your Life’. The Story that You Command into BEING through knowing how the Process of Creation works!

You learn what your natural skills and talents are, when are good days and bad days for you, what your profile is and what is your ‘fastest way to the money’ so to speak. We become successful in different ways, you will find YOUR WAY and hence understand why some succeed at something and others fail at the same thing.

You will realize how our world has become as it has and how we can literally ‘re-write’ the story, and hence future of Humankind.

“The power we have to create has been hidden for way too long, it’s time to step into our ‘Magic’ and Consciously Create a ‘Future by Design’ and not just leave it to Chance with a bit of ‘Good Luck’ thrown in”, says Samantha.

Prepare to have your eyes opened to the workings of the Human Mind, Body and Field and understand exactly how it is we create our life and how to use this understanding to change anything or everything in our life.

You will receive a workbook that will guide you through the process of:

Finding your Natural Talents and Skills

Discovering Who You Actually Are through a series of questionnaires.

Discover your Profile and so Who You Are by Design and hence what is your Path of Least Resistance.

Knowing how to work with your Natural Biorhythms and hence when are the best and worst days for you.

Finding your ‘Blocks’ and doing an, ‘Edit’ on them.

Discovering your ‘Pullers’ and ‘Campers’ the people and things that inhibit your growth.

Becoming aware of Incorrect System Input Data – the words you use that inhibit you.

You will receive the templates you need to Re-Write (create) Your Story.

A template of the 12 Areas of Life to ensure you keep on track.

You will also receive a list of resources to ensure your Continued Education into the human body and mind

As well as being given a list of Bio-Energetic Practitioners in your area to have a scan done to ‘pick-up’ ‘Knots’ in your Body Field; that can result in dis-ease. (See NES page in this website)

You will understand how the Story of Humankind has been ‘Written’ into Creation and how WE can Re-Write it with an outcome that is better for ALL, humankind, not just the Rich.

Plus you will be thoroughly entertained by Samantha’s unique approach and profound wisdom from her almost nightly ‘out-of-body’ experiences, resulting in hundreds of hours in the FIELD as Samantha calls it.


amantha Bachman gets the movement happening from the stage when she talks on Sound and Frequency  in London at the AV6 event held by Ian R Crane
Samantha Bachman gets the movement happening from the stage when she talks on Sound and Frequency in London at the AV6 event held by Ian R Crane


Samantha Rayn Bachman speaking at the AV6 Event in London 2015
Samantha Rayn Bachman speaking at the AV6 Event in London 2015