Metaphysical Psychotherapy and Biological Nutrition

The Mind and Body Connection
All Body Systems, (energetic, physical, emotional, and nutritional), our Thinking, our Emotions, our Words, and our Intent, are all connected. 

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter between substance and attribute, and between possibility and actuality. The word “metaphysics” comes from two Greek words that, together, literally mean “among the [study of] the natural”

Psychotherapy is a holistic engagement that focuses on the mental, emotional, relational, or spiritual health of a human being. It is useful when psychological, developmental, relationship, and well-being issues arise in life. A psychotherapist engages with a person or group in a process of working together to build understanding and acceptance of how the person makes meaning of their life. Together they create life-giving solutions to old and new problems.

Biological Nutrition is food that is fully suitable for human beings. … It is nutrition that is optimally converted into energy by the body

Samantha understands well how our inner environment behaves, especially when it is presented with challenges such as food and environmental toxins. However, it is the body’s reaction to ‘Thought Chemicals’ that has consumed Samantha’s thoughts the most. She understands well how our feelings and emotions affect our body’s functioning. 

The fact is, we are all, simply a NETWORK OF SYSTEMS, both biological and non-biological, (living and non-living, physical and non-physical), that has evolved to collect and share information from its surroundings and experiences and transmit it to an ever-evolving conscious network of systems. 

Understanding, we are a Network of Systems and hence, able to Transmit (and receive) Information and Desires this enables us to, ‘move mountains’ [metaphorically speaking], Repair Damaged Systems, and Enhance our Life as a whole, we are able to Take Control over our Body, our Health and our Life as a whole. The KEY is in understanding the ‘Process Requirements’ and then sending the Correct Information, (systems input data) to Repair, Enhance and Harmonize that particular Target Area, which usually includes our Thinking and Emotional state!

Understanding your body’s ‘Process Requirements’ enables the desired path to be created ahead of you, this is the key to it all says, Samantha.

Once we have an understanding of the ‘Process Requirements’ it is easy to change our life for the better and stop the self-sabotage that is created through our ignorance of how we function as a Biological Being.

90% of dis-eases are either Diet or ’Thought’ and ‘Emotion’ related or both. What we put in our body and our mind over the day – impacts us on a physical and spiritual level more than we ever thought possible. The solution to our problems is within us all as it has always been. It is the understanding of this, that will free us from the problems of life we have inadvertently allowed to be created.

We are our anger or our grief. We are what we say [and feel] we are. We relate to others and ourselves as though we are our feelings.  We even ‘invent’ stories to justify why we feel a certain way. This can be a misconception of who we really are.

Most have little or no understanding of consciousness, free will, and the powers we all have to create balance and harmony [or disharmony] in our body and life as a whole. Keep in mind, feelings are only feelings, not who you are, and hence can be let go at will, and hence act accordingly and not as the feeling or emotion associated with that feeling. Understanding how to ‘Command‘ our life enables the desired path to be created ahead of us, it’s all about knowing how to use the ‘Process Requirement Language’, says Samantha.
Every emotion you have ever had, you have had before 7 years of age. We are simply patterns of thinking that have been established by 7. Regardless of the situation, we have felt it and felt the effects on our bodies, even though we may have missed it, it has affected us on a chemical ‘Neuropeptide’ level.

Something to ponder.

We have in general, 50,000 ‘self-talks’ daily, and 80% are negative.    

This means 80% of people are in learned helplessness.
These ‘self-talk’ programs, force the basis of what we defined as SELF – Who am I?