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Samantha Bachman Surprises The GUN SHOP CAFE with her 80% raw challenge.

Samantha Bachman surprises The GUN SHOP CAFE in West End Brisbane with her 80% Raw Challenge. The boys ‘Nail It’ with some brilliantly simple, mostly raw dishes, all in 15 minutes. So we learn just how simple it is to eat a high nutrient diet. A big thank you to owners Jason Coolen and Karon Crawford, chefs Darren, Shane and Tim and our tasters Albert and Patrick. The food was just BRILLIANT. If you are ever in West End or looking for some of the best eating in Brisbane the GUN SHOP CAFE is a must for those looking for A RawGasm that will have their taste buds kicking and screaming and begging for RAW. Samantha Bachman has had over 30 years in the healthcare industry. She now prefers to teach people how to eat well and get away from the disease management model we have become familiar with and take control of our own health via proper diet and lifestyle habits. We are digging our graves with our teeth, it is time to understand what our body really needs and reclaim our health says Samantha.

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