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Samantha Bachman Pod Cast Conscious Wisdom








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Transformational Leaders – Featuring Samantha Backman

Written by Emily Gowor, this book is a collection of life stories and inspiration from 13 global leaders of the new age. They are not politicians and most are not business leaders but each individuals inspiring story is about making the most out of life, living with higher purpose and making a difference. Author Emily Gowor takes a sacred journey in which she discovers herself within the lives of these 13 leaders. It helps her to shape her own life path, understand what drives her and gives her the inspiration she needs to make an exceptional difference in her life also.

Leaders Featured are:

  1. Rock Your Life Founder Mike Handcock
  2. Global Deal Maker Dave Rogers
  3. Cambodian Entrepreneur Vireak Soung
  4. Media boss Marcia Martin
  5. Vagina Doctor Samantha Backman
  6. The Greenest Man on the PLanet Matthias Gelber
  7. The most dangerous man on the planet Glen Levy
  8. SAGE Chairwoman Maya Shahani
  9. FOStR NZ Chairwoman Graziella Thake
  10. Whole Foods Guru Don Tolman
  11. Maori Leader Ngahihi O Te Ra Bidois
  12. Adventurer Damian Milo
  13. Health Evangalist Graeme Clegg

Nick Ashron’s Lightworkers Guide to the Galaxy Sky Network

Sage International Advisory Board Member – Samantha Backman
Shahani Academic and Global Empowerment Foundation
Enlightening Education for Creating Extraordinary Lives

International Advisory Board

Media mess-up by Samantha Bachman with Jason Woodforth MP and Zane Appleby

Samantha Rayn Bachman chats with Zane Appleby from Froothie and Jason Woodforth MP for Nudgee (Brisbane) on her cooking show My RawGasms & The Raw Essentials Program. The topic of the morning is on how the Sunday Courier Mail (7/7/13) got the facts wrong on a story about Jason being interviewed by a Sex Guru (Samantha Bachman) on her show (My RawGasms), when in fact My RawGasms is a cooking show and not a sex talk show.

Jason and Samantha were talking on health, lifestyle and on how what we ingest has a huge affect on our health. They then when on to discuss Fluoridation and how what we are ingesting via our town water is having an effect on our health also as it is quite simply a toxin (the adding of Fluoride to our town water) and that it should be removed as a matter of urgency. As the paper described all totally out of context and made Samantha out to be a Sex Guru doing a Sex Rant as the journalist stated and hence make Jason look less than credible, this episode of My RawGasms takes the piss out of the Journalist (Jason Tin) for writing the article and getting his facts totally wrong.

Humanity V’s Insanity /  interview May 2015 London

Samantha Bachman Speaks at AV6 in London
Samantha Bachman Speaks at AV6 in London