Integrated Bio-tecture Designs

Design Philosophy 

We believe that good design is the harmonisation of the many variables, both specific to the client and the environment which they occupy. In this way no two homes or buildings should be the same. Our intention and approach to design however remains the same and guide us to achieve a unique result that is often initially unforeseen.

Our guiding Principles

• Our clients specific needs and requirements
• The environmental conditions and how these can be used to improve comfort and to minimise energy consumption.
• The impact on or interactions with the surrounds and how they can enhance or harmonise with it.

Designing your new house would provide us with the opportunity to create a home that best suits your needs. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to achieve the optimum result. We believe together we can create a beautiful and environmentally conscious design that is both creative and functional.

We believe it is often more environmentally responsible to improve what already exists. Through creative and thoughtful design we can adapt existing structures to better suit your needs. The adaption and re-creation process can often result in unforeseen and rewarding outcomes.

If you are planning on building a new house or renovating, we can customise a consultation service that best suits your needs through either the design or construction phase. We have a broad understanding of construction and specialise in natural building methods, allowing us to provide a range of options and advice to best achieve your desired outcome.

We have over 10 years experience in natural building techniques from cob and mud bricks to hempcrete and straw bale. We specialise in light straw clay infill and bamboo construction, whilst also having an interest in creating organic sculptural elements. We can implement an existing design or add something new and creative depending on your needs.