What an amazing step you are about to take!  Together with your Composta you will:

  • Reduce your household’s organic waste which goes to landfill
  • Reduce greenhouse gases which are contributing to climate change
  • Say HELLO to happy, healthy, organic homegrown herbs and plants
  • Say GOODBYE to a smelly, slimy kitchen bin
  • Support an Australian-made Australian-owned product

Your Composta is sold as a kit that will be delivered to your door.  Your kit includes:  ( you will need a small box of worms,a basic bag of potting mix and whatever plants you would like to grow);

  1. The NEW Composta – planter pot, composting canister & detachable legs
  2. Drainage Gravel
  3. Full Instructions
  4. Money back guarantee
  5. Each Composta is made from UV-resistant, BPA free, Recyclable, Locally-sourced polyurethane.   

Composting worms are also available  at most good hardware stores.  Also check Gumtree for Compost Worm breeders in your area.

Setting up your new Composta is EASY!!!  Just follow the simple steps below:

Your Composta kit will contain:

  • 1 main planter pot
  • 1 centre composting canister
  • 3 removable legs
  • 1 bag of drainage gravel

1.  Insert the legs firmly into the base of the main pot.

2.  Place the centre canister in the middle of the main pot using the lugs as guidance for a snug fit.  Find the drainage hole in the main pot – this should be the ‘front’ of the Composta.  Find the ventilation holes in the top of the centre canister – this should be aligned to the ‘back’ of the Composta.  The canister must sit flat on the main pot’s base.

3. Place drainage gravel over the one drainage hole in the main pot.

4. Supporting the centre canister, gently fill the outside of the pot with a general purpose potting mix.  It is important to fill the pot to the top rim as most potting mixes shrink within the first few days of potting.  Note the centre canister is for placing our compost worms and kitchen waste only so don’t let too much potting mix go inside.

5. Plant your seeds or seedlings in the main pot.

6. Give the pot a very good watering on the first day to ensure there are no “dry” patches in the potting mix.

7. Gently tip your Compost worms into the centre canister.  Please contact us if you need help finding a stockist.  

8. Give your worms their first meal of 2-3 handfuls of kitchen scraps.  Be patient as it takes a few weeks for the compost worms to settle in and start consuming more scraps.  As the colony of compost worms breed up, you will be able to place more scraps in the Composta more often.