When the Paranormal became normal and changed my destiny

I have been rich, poor and many places in between. I have been married, divorced, happy and suicidal. I have been unemployed, owned diverse businesses, traveled the world and seen life through many experiences. I have looked into the eyes of people from different races, cultures and beliefs. I have experienced what it is, to be a woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a business owner, a farmer, a professional, an entrepreneur, an entertainer and a teacher.

However nothing could have prepared me for the sudden appearance of a ‘Strange Symbol’ on my body that brought with it paranormal and outer body experiences, clairaudience and visions, all of which have given me a greater understanding of Free Will, the Conscious Network that surrounds us, non-local Entities and the way in which we are able to interact with the ‘Quantum Side’ and use its ‘wisdom’ to change our life and the direction of humankind for the better!

Over many decades of research I had gained a brilliant understanding of the human body, its needs, functions and abilities. I now also understand what we actually are and how to use our bodies systems to gain control over our life and take part in creating what it is that we desire.

Quite simply our body is a network of systems all designed to have experiences, collect information through our sensory system and transmit that information throughout a larger network of systems for one reason and one reason alone, to evolve our consciousness. It is through this connection, that we find all the peace and happiness we seek, we find the solution to our troubles, freedom from our emotional pains and comfort of understanding where we fit into the bigger picture. But most importantly, by reconnection to the larger network we are able to transmit desires that will enable us to, ‘move mountains’ [metaphorically speaking], in our life. The path is laid ahead via the ‘Command’ (decree) of it into existence, [so to speak]. All we need to know is the Language (systems input data) to be used.

The Command System is quite simply the ‘Operational’ Language to enable a desired path to be created ahead of us, it’s as simple as knowing how to use this system, says Samantha.

When we take this conscious path a door will open and a connection with ‘The Teachers’ will be made and our true purpose will become clear. The Command System is our reconnect entry point and the solution to the troubles of life.