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The Psychology of Change with Dr George Blair-West

This is part of a longer series of talks with Dr George Blair-West on the program Samantha Bachman is doing to encourage healthier eating and lifestyles in kids and Dr George explains the whole psychology of what it takes to change. You will learn about the ego and self-sabotage, George gives you all the tips on how to change and find your purpose and passion along the way. Sit back with this one, pen and paper and take notes. Watching these words of wisdom and knowledge from George will have you inspired to change what ever it is in your life and have an understanding why it often does result in success for you. Enjoy and tell a friend.

Samantha Bachman has had over 30 years in the healthcare industry. She now prefers to teach people how to eat well and get away from the disease management model we have become familiar with and take control of our own health via proper diet and lifestyle habits. We are digging our graves with our teeth, it is time to understand what our body really needs and reclaim our health says Samantha.

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