Sustainable Homes

What is sustainable housing?

Sustainable housing considers the design, construction and operation of your house over its lifetime, in three contexts:

  • environmental sustainability, which considers things like water, energy, emissions, waste, vegetation, pollutants and contamination
  • economic sustainability, which considers things like cost and materials for construction, utilities, property charges, maintenance, upgrades and major replacements, and resale value
  • social sustainability, which considers things like aesthetics, safety, security, accessibility, functionality, future modifications and liveability for future generation

The creation of sustainable homes can be achieved to varying degrees, depending on client requirements and choices, availability of materials and technology, location and size of section, and statutory requirements of local councils. 
With accumulated design experience, specially trained builders and other service providers, and a wide variety of sustainable materials now available we are in a position to routinely achieve a high degree of sustainability. 
For a home to be sustainable it needs to perform well in two areas: its creation should avoid harmful effects on the environment and it should provide a healthy indoor living environment.