Samantha Bachman - Attitude. Don't let the cotton runts off the hook!
Samantha Bachman – Attitude. Don’t let the cotton runts off the hook.


Real Food Revolution Event

Above: Samantha Bachman speak at the Real Food Revolution Event and gives an hilarious talk on what happens when we eat junk food. Samantha has been a stand-up comedian for many years and has a unique style in delivering the truth about what goes in our mouth and the effects in our body. This video is not for those that are offended by the truth and a bit of in your face humor as only Samantha can get away with.

A Woman of Many Faces
The Mango Tour, second night, an evening with very talented Bush Poets

Samantha Bachman with The Mango Juicer Team and the Bush Poets

Open Mic night at the Gold Coast Arts Centre – 2004

Samantha Backman’s many faces Part 1 of 2

Samantha Backman’s many faces Part 2 of 2

Samantha Bachman – Shewee gets Sprung

Samantha Bachman on Visualiminals positive affirmations subliminal the secret law of attraction

Camel poop – A bit of humour with Samantha Bachman

Samantha Bachman has a joke with Jason Woodforth during the filming of one of Samantha’s RawGasm cooking shows. All about a bit of humour.

My KitKat Joke – Samantha Bachman

Samantha Bachman on ‘Whats in the box’! Thanks Mario for my Optimum Blender

Take 2 and a Big thanks to Mario at FROOTHIES for my replacement Optimum 9900 Blender. Would like to see the Australia Post guy again though, can you send me something else? Oh but do let me know it’s coming so I can have my tits in place. Samantha Bachman on; What’s in the box ….. another Optimum 9900.

Samantha Bachman and Jason Woodforth interview fur balls blooper

Samantha Bachman and Jason Woodforth interview fur ball blooper. Check out the full interview on the Fluoridation of our public water and why it must be removed as a priority.

Samantha Bachman’s son Jeremy tests the Raw Thai Curried Coconut Soup

The taste test with Jeremy on the Raw Thai Curried Coconut Soup.

Samantha Bachman - Fuck Most Things