Body and Food

Live life to the fullest, full of vitality, joy and free of dis-ease by changing destructive habits.
Time to get back to healthy eating – the more junk foods we are producing the more disease and suffering we are causing.
We have more food that ever yet we are nutritionally starved!
We have spent so much on creating fast food at the expense of our health!  If we knew before-hand the consequences of our diet, lifestyle and modernization in general, I think we would have stopped it in its tracks.
No one in their right mind would let themselves get to the point that their heart is stopping 2-3-4-5 decades before it is suppose too, that their legs need to be amputated because they have opened their mouth and poured sweet sludge into it, that they would let their ‘ass’ become so big that it become difficult to wipe it or that they would caused their children to suffer so much that they have considered taking their own lives just to get out of the emotional pain of trying to cope with life.
Think about what we have done, or allowed to be done to us on an international scale by making us contributors to the fat wallets of multinationals. Do you think they really care? Or better question – how does it look when you really think about it? No one really cares about you or your families health like you should!
Time to stop digging our graves with our teeth and take back control of our health and that of our families.
What you eat, drink, think and breathe, becomes the cell structure of your body.
Furthermore, The composition of your body determines every aspect of your being; the health or sickness of your hair,
skin, eyes, glands, finger nails, teeth, bones, organs,  your muscles, your blood and even your mental health and personality
That is why it is so important for you to have some understanding about food and its relationship to how you look, feel, act and the level of energy and vitality you experience. 
Microorganisms & Pleomorphism by Samantha Bachman

Samantha Bachman speaks to a P & C group on the effects of poor nutrition on the normal microorganisms, (micro flora) in the human body. She explains how they metamorph, into harmful organisms and can attack their host – this is also known as an Autoimmune problem. She also explains Pleomorphism in simple term, in short how these microorganisms can morph back.

Samantha Bachman has had over 30 years in the healthcare industry. She now prefers to teach people how to eat well and get away from the disease management model we have become familiar with and take control of our own health via proper diet and lifestyle habits. We are digging our graves with our teeth, it is time to understand what our body really needs and reclaim our health says Samantha.

Samantha Bachman on negative effects of Microwaves

Samantha Bachman explains the damaging effects on the human body when using a Microwave. She suggests that no one should use a microwave and that they should be banned from school lunch shops, childcare centres and day care centres. She gives examples of just how damaging they can be to the body.

Samantha Bachman on Dairy

Part of a talk to a school P & C Group where Samantha explains why if we want to drink milk we must get a cow – or breast feed! She talks about the negative effects of processing our milk and explains why foods in there natural state are the best way to go.