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Raw Essential Program by Samantha Bachman

13 Week Raw Essentials Program

The Raw Essentials Program – is not just a diet or a cooking program, it’s a whole body and mind transformation, or some have described it as a re-awakening!

The Program is designed to completely transform your health, your body, your mind and your attitude to life.

We once thrived and marvelled at life and all its wonders and creations.

Now most of us spend our days caught in the illusions and delusions of life with our mouth open to catch it’s poisons and lies!

The Raw Essentials Program has been developed by leading Lifestyle, Orthopathic and Nutritional expert Samantha Rayn Bachman, to teach the way of true health, vitality and passion for life to those that seek it.


The Diet & Cooking Program

Currentally being filmed for an upcoming TV show on The Raw Essentials Program…………….so……………stay tunes……the world will soon be able to get back on track!

To think we once ate and drank from the delights and spoils  of nature ….what has happened to us – have we maybe got caught up in the lies of modernization?

Raw milk vending machine!


The Raw Essentials Program – covers ALL areas of your life.



Here’s a look at what you will learn on the 13 week Raw Essentials program.

The Raw Essentials – Diet & Cooking Program is all about introducing a whole new way of eating & living.  We have become caught up in the idea of eating everything cooked and processed, yet it is foods in there natural state that give us optimum levels of health and vibrancy. Not to mention that this is the best way to prevent dis-ease in our bodies in the first place.

In the diet part of the program you will get the idea of mixing & matching so to speak when it comes to diet/food planning so as in the end you will be able to just open the fridge and put something together as opposed to following a recipe. Now in saying that, Samantha presents some simply amazing Raw Foods that will have your jaw dropping when you taste just how brilliant a raw carrot cake can be or raw apple pie.

You will also learn the value of REAL foods that are bursting with taste, fiber, nutrition and life!

You will literally be shocked at what can be achieved to spoil and delight your taste buds using foods in there natural state.

You will learn how many teachings of the past are now known to be wrong and that it is time to really get the facts on what we put in our body several times per day everyday. And how many food additives are nothing but poisons and should be removed from our diet all together. They affect your health and your bodies proper functioning and hence make attempts to lose weight or regain your vitality almost impossible.

Samantha is an amazing cook and teacher,  you will learn all there is to learn about food and nutrition that most books miss as they usually focus on one area, diet or the recipes and don’t give you the full understanding of how your food becomes you, your body and your mind!


1. The Raw Essentials Body Program –
is all about getting your body to move through its full range of motion and developing core-strength.

You will learn that the secret behind any martial art is core-strength and how much it affects your metabolism, health, mental state and vitality, to have your physical body in balance.

You will also learn the simplest way to get balance within, simply by doing one particular move each day.

You will also learn how to, through body balancing,  quiet the mind and give yourself the relief from inner mind chatter that is one of the  major causes of emotional pain and suffering.

2.The Raw Essentials Mind Program –
is all about understanding how you think currently and how with a bit of understanding you will develop lateral thinking.  This program links with The Body   Program to give you both mind and body balance.

The fact is, most of us think in just black and white as I call it, instead of using a range of ‘colors’ to work through life’s situations or questions.

Once this lateral thinking is applied we are ‘freed’ to open up to many other possibilities and ‘scenarios’ of how a situation, issue or problem may unfold.

In short you will learn the best ‘color’ to follow for the ideal outcome, or to look at all with ‘all cards on the table’ so to speak.


3. The Raw Essentials Soul Program –
will have you understanding how, we as humans have different ‘profiles’ and ‘skill sets’ that make us individuals. Understanding yours will help you know who you really are!

The skill of understanding who not only YOU are, but those around you, will help you to understand and appreciate our difference and how ‘WE’ are all needed to make the world work as it does. Nothing is by accident!

By linking the other programs together and looking at all from a ‘soul’ prospective as opposed to the ‘ego’ prospective you become aware of just how much we as humans have lost our way to our real desires and needs due to the dramas our ego has created due to misinformation created by modernization and the need to make a profit even if the product sold is not in your best interest.

You will also learn that no matter what situation you are in, you can change the impact of it on your mental, emotional and physical state.

In this part of the program you will learn about your bodies natural cycles and how no matter what, we cannot go against these cycles and that with understanding our personal cycle we can go with the natural ‘flow’ of life instead of trying to make it ‘summer’ when it is ‘winter’ so to speak!


4. The  Raw Essentials Awakening Program –
is about giving you the opportunity to make up your own Diet-Program and to have a ‘think’ about all you have learnt and come up with your own ideas based on who you have discovered you really are in life and not what others have labeled as! In short you get to discover and be who you really are!

There will also be several DVD’s and guests introduced during the program to help you really understand the ‘bigger picture’ and how you fit into life.


5. The Raw Essentials Forgiveness Program –
is about understanding how we are all different and just trying to do and be the best we can. It is not up to you to judge another, including your loved ones. When you understand our nature and why we must work with each other as opposed to trying to have others do things our way, we finally get the whole meaning of life and why we are and need to be our own unique soul!

You will learn that your path is up to you to follow if you really want happiness in your life. Too many of us ‘follow-the-leader’ and lose sight of our own unique talents and abilities.


The Raw Essentials Program Overview.

In short, many things have been tried to bring us to the point of optimum health and vitality, yet as already stated, we are the most unhealthy we have ever been in the history of mankind.

On top of that, with all the ‘self-help’, ‘laws of how to’ and ‘you-can-do-it’ information out there – including how to “succeed-in-business” and take control of your life, we are no better off – in fact, we have more depression, feelings of hopelessness and financial debt than ever. We are unhealthy, unhappy and most are way from their true potential as humans. We appear to be happy, yet we are dis-eased and suffer emotionally. Our happiness is brought about by the wants of our Ego. We never really know our self let alone connect fully with another. All our relationships are shallow and mostly Ego driven. We have surrounded ourselves with material things and knowledge, yet we still seek true happiness. We have lost our way; it is time to reclaim our life, our health, our spirit and our soul from the man made hell we have created for ourselves.

The Raw Essentials Program has been designed to bring all areas of life back into balance simply by giving all areas of your life what it really wants – the TRUTH of what it needs.

Throughout the program different guests, DVD’s, literature and talk-backs-debates will be introduced to help you regain the health and vibrancy you seek to take back control of the most important thing in life, YOU.


The Raw Essentials Program – Tools of Life

In the first week on The Raw Essentials Program you will need to purchase all the ‘Tools-of-Life’ to make all as easy and convenient as possible to prepare for some new life and taste bud spoils!   Lifestyle products such as a blender, dehydrator and juicer to make preparing new recipes easy, plus there will be recommended ready and things to help you develop new skill sets.

We thrive on fresh foods! So why have we allowed ourselves to become so disconnected from our natural way of eating?



Foods in their natural state provide ALL the nutrition, fibre and essentials we need to have our body running at its best

Many of us are simply treating our body like a rubbish bin!



We fill our body with things than in many cases cannot even be classed as food, let alone provide the needed nutrients to have our body working as it should.


The Raw Essentials Program was designed to not only teach you, but to hold your hand through a FULL Lifefstyle Program to get you back to thriving in no time.

If it’s time to get your life back on track then you’re just two clicks away from getting on The Raw Essentials Program.



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