Our Reality – Are we living in a Computer Simulation?

Is there such a thing as Free Will? What is Simulated Reality? Does God see things as Good and Evil? What is the purpose of Life?
What is consciousness? Where is it? What is the Soul? Alternative Realities, Multiple Universe Theory, Quantum Physics, Quantum Entanglement, String Theory, M-Theory, Time Travel, Glitches in the matrix and much more are in question. The videos in this section will help you understand what is really going on.

Simulated Reality

Electrical engineer and author Jim Elvidge talked about a variety of science and physics concepts, such as the idea that we could be living in a type of programmed reality. “Everything that we interact with, everything that we see, could be generated by some kind of computational mechanism,” similar to what was depicted in The Matrix, he said. Further, with the direction we are headed in with video games, virtual reality, and brain-computer interfaces, we’ll be able to create a completely different reality that is indistinguishable from what we now consider as real. “Then the question is, if we’re going to be creating millions of those in 20-30 years time, how do we know we’re not already living in one?”

Citing the quantum eraser experiment, Elvidge raised the intriguing notion that the past can be changed, possibly allowing for time travel. With the programmed reality model, artifacts of the past can be replaced, and memories can erased or recreated, he suggested.

Is the key to our reality being hidden?