The AWAKENING [state of being conscious] is happening.

Hundreds and thousands of people are now ready to take their lives back (into their own hands) and escape the elite cabals ‘grip’.
More and more documentaries are exposing and denouncing the state of affairs we are in and hence allowing people to see the truth through the web of lies and deceit.

There is a growing [new] awareness in the world, more and more independent scientists, newspapers, media channels, blogs, and enlightened individuals, are creating their own groups to spread the truth about the various multinationals and the controlling elite behind them and there lies.
Hence many are now ready to hear those truths, and to become themselves, the change they wish to see in the world. Their consciousness grows, their interests evolve, the meaning and purpose of their life changes, and they have new aspirations and inspirations, coupled with the desire to change themselves in order to also, change the world.


Anthony Peake discusses his book The Infinite Mindfield: The Quest to Find the Gateway to Higher Consciousness.

The Infinite Mindfield uses as its starting point the widespread historical belief that the pineal gland — the ‘third eye’ — is a profoundly important organ. It links this to the various myths, originating in ancient Sumer, that ‘dragons’ or ‘serpents’ have guided humanity and presents evidence that these beings are symbolic of DNA. It is now known that DNA gives off a form of light known as bioluminescence. This information-rich ‘inner light’ needs an organ of sight to process it — that organ is the pineal gland. It is through this small organ that we ‘perceive’ the inner worlds of lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, hypnagogic imagery, near-death experiences, astral travel and the kundalini experience.

Is Human Consciousness Immortal? 

Anthony Peake speaks about his past work, and his newest book entitled: Opening the Doors of Perception (which reminds of the Blake quote: “If the doors of perception were cleansed, man would see everything as it truly is – Infinite.”)

Tom Campbell and Anthony Peake – Consciousness Creates Reality.

Observation collapses the wave function!

Anthony Peake – What Must We Learn to Escape the Era of the Ontological Movies?

The mainstream success of movies such as The Matrix, Groundhog Day and Inception have spread the word that was previously only heard by philosophers, hippies and adherents of eastern mysticism. So, what does it mean to live in the age of the ontological movie?

In this podcast, the consciousness theorist Anthony Peake discusses the trend, which began in the nineties with such titles as Jacob’s Ladder, Groundhog Day, The Truman Show and The Matrix. More recent titles discussed include, Interstellar, Edge of Tomorrow, Mr. Nobody and Enter the Void.

Anthony Peake –  Is Consciousness everywhere? Do we collapse the wave function via our thought into it?

Space and time are now being viewed in a much different way.  Re-looking cause and effect.

The implications of the Zero Point Field and our understanding of Quantum Physics, is everything Digital?