Microwaves should not be used AT ALL!

Many Diseases Are Caused by Microwave Ovens!

Did you know that over 90% of Western homes regularly use microwave ovens for meal preparation?

Microwave ovens pulse electromagnetic waves through food, exciting the molecules and causing them to move, vibrate and heat up as they respond to the microwave radiation.

There is a device called a  Magnetron in the microwave oven that produces wave energy. This wave energy converts polarity of molecules from positive to negative. This polarity changes millions of times every second in the microwave oven. Microwaves bombard the food molecules and makes the polarized molecules to radiate at the same frequency millions of times every second. This heats the food but at the same time causes ‘structural isomerism’ – structural damage of the food molecules.

A Swiss study led by biologist and food scientist Dr. Hans Hertel identified the effects of microwaved food. For eight weeks, eight people lived in a controlled environment and intermittently ate raw foods, conventionally cooked foods and microwaved foods. Blood samples were tested after each meal. The microwaved food caused significant changes in blood chemistry.

The Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)
Have you ever wondered why food is often unevenly heated when you remove it from the microwave?

This happens because microwaves work with whatever water molecules are present, and since not all areas of food contain the same amount of water, heating becomes uneven.

A study conducted at Stanford University investigated the effects of microwaving breast milk. One of the scientists stated “Microwaving human milk, even at a low setting, can destroy some of its important disease-fighting capabilities.” They claimed that besides heating, there were many other disturbing alterations in the milk

In early 1991, a lawsuit was filed against an Oklahoma hospital after a patient died from receiving blood that was heated in a microwave oven.

In 1976, Russia banned microwaves because of their negative effect on health and wellbeing.

Eating food processed from a microwave oven causes permanent brain damage by “shorting out” electrical impulses in the brain.

The prolonged eating of microwaved foods causes cancerous cells to increase in human blood.

Minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit. Microwaved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous growths (tumors). This may explain the rapid increased rate of colon cancer in America.

Continual ingestion of microwaved food causes immune system deficiencies through lymph gland and serum alterations.

Eating microwaved food causes loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease of intelligence. Microwaving milk and cereal grains converted some of their amino acids into carcinogens.

Thawing frozen fruits converted their glucoside and galactoside containing fractions into carcinogenic substances. Extremely short exposure of raw, cooked or frozen vegetables converted their plant alkaloids into carcinogens.

In summary, it’s becoming more apparent that microwaves and microwave cause cancer and other malicious diseases. They have the power to destroy the goodness in our food and weaken our bodies.

We should all be thinking about permanently getting rid of them.

(Article taken from Organic and Health at: http://www.organicandhealthy.org/2016/09/these-diseases-are-all-caused-by.htm with appreciation for their work on spreading the information on the dangers of using microwave ovens)

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EMF toxicity in your home

You may have heard that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are the cause of symptoms like cancer, insomnia and fatigue, but what can you do to protect yourself? Geobiologist and EMF expert, Roy Riggs shares the dangers of electromagnetic fields and the key steps you can take to reduce your exposure and improve your health.

Roy Riggs EMF toxicityElectromagnetic fields…it may sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but they are VERY real.

In fact, Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can cause symptoms of illness in infants, children and adults, particularly those who already experience low immunity.

If you are sensitive to EMFs, you may experience symptoms like:1

  • Nervous system symptoms, like fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances
  • Skin symptoms, like facial prickling, burning sensations and rashes
  • Body symptoms, like pains and aches in your muscles
  • Eye symptoms, such as burning sensations
  • Foggy thinking and depression
  • A variety of less common symptoms, like ear, nose, and throat symptoms and digestive disorders
  • Infertility
  • Leukemia in children, breast cancer or cancer clusters have been linked to high exposure to EMFs2

What Are Electromagnetic Fields?

Electromagnetic fields are areas of energy that surround electronic devices. The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that the electric fields are created by differences in voltage and magnetic fields are created when the electric current flows.3
According to WHO, electromagnetic fields affect us because our human bodies have their own electric and biochemical responses (e.g., nervous system, digestion, brain function, heart function). So exposure to EMFs can interact with your body in adverse ways.

Where Do Electromagnetic Fields Come From?

Simply put, EMFs come from electricity:

  • In your home – DECT cordless phones, hairdryers, vacuums, refrigerators, microwave ovens, irons, televisions (the flat panel TVs are much better than the old box-style TVs), main ring and lighting circuits, dimmer switches, electric blankets, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, WiFi, etc.
  • In your office – computers, fluorescent or halogen lighting, fax machines, photocopiers, scanners, cell phones and WiFi.
  • Outside – power lines (high voltage cables either overhead or buried in the ground), transformers (the gray cylinders raised up on poles that look like trash cans), electrical substations, cell phone towers, cities that provide citywide wireless Internet (WiFi) and electromagnetic radiation from near neighbors’ electronic equipment.
  • Airplanes – to learn more, read:  The Health Risks of Airplanes Going Wireless and How to Protect Yourself

Most of our modern-day conveniences emit EMFs, some stronger than others. So does this mean you have to go off the grid?

Not at all! But if you are serious about achieving and maintaining your best health, there are several steps you can take to minimize the effect EMFs have on you and your family.

Testing for Electromagnetic Fields in Your Home

If you or someone in your family is on a healing journey, chances are you want to give them the best foot forward to recover. Minimizing or eliminating EMFs is even more important in these situations because if immunity is already low, EMFs can make it harder to recover.

If you are feeling well already, EMFs may cause annoying symptoms, like insomnia or headaches, which get in the way of good health.

To find out what you can do to reduce or eliminate EMFs, we went straight to expert, Roy Riggs.

We first learned about Roy Riggs from a member of the Body Ecology team, who had Roy do an assessment on her home so that her family could reduce their exposure to EMFs.

Roy Riggs is a Geobiologist and professional dowser. Geobiology (also called Bau-biologie, which means Building Biology in Germany) is the science of specific location and disease and focuses on how your house and immediate environment can make you ill due to both electromagnetic and geopathic stress.

According to Roy, the biggest offenders in most homes are typically wireless Internet (WiFi) and cordless phones. Baby monitors, often in homes with newborns, also give off high EMFs.

Key to Roy’s work is scientific testing of the electromagnetic fields.

When he does a home assessment, he shows his clients the difference between the earth’s healing electromagnetic fields and the EMFs that produce negative health results. He also tests each family member’s physical exposure to the EMFs in their home. From there, he works with them to create a plan to reduce EMFs.

Roy says, “I show my clients what happens by measuring their body voltage with the earth’s natural voltage. When you are outside, your body comes into resonance with the earth’s natural voltage. When you walk into your house, your body is actually the most conductive thing in your house, which means the EMFs are attracted right to you…and your voltage shoots up. My equipment shows that change.”

We can’t see or hear EMFs on our own, but with Roy’s scientific testing equipment, his clients can actually see how strong EMFs are AND hear the noise chaos that they create.

Roy has also been hired to assess homes prior to purchase, which is a great benefit because some homes have particularly high EMFs that are less easily controlled, like proximity to cell phone masts (towers), electricity substations, power lines or transformers.

  • Cell phone towers (mobile phone masts) – Guideline: Look out your bedroom window. If there is a clear and unobstructed view of a cell phone tower facing your way within a distance of about 300 meters, you are advised to look into shielding solutions. If you live in the UK, Roy recommends www.emfields.org.

If you look out your window but can’t see the masts because they are obstructed by other buildings then the power density will be mainly absorbed by those buildings and too low to worry about.

  • Electrosmog from your neighbors – Use shielding paint on your shared walls or the walls nearest your neighbors.
  • Substations – substations are where electricity is generated, distributed and transformed form high to low or low to high voltage. They may be found outside enclosed in a cabinet, surrounded by a fence or up high on poles.

If the substation is immediately next to your home there is little in a practical sense you can do to reduce the magnetic fields. You could purchase or rent a meter in the UK or purchase an affordable TriField EX100 Meter in the US to check out the field levels.

Unless the substation is immediately adjacent to your house the EMFs from these small street substations fall to background levels within 5-6 meters.

  • Overhead electricity pylons (power lines) – As a very approximate guideline, EMF’s from power lines are likely to drop below 0.2 microtesla [200 nanotesla] level at about:
    • 492 feet from 400 kv lines
    • 394 feet from 275 kv lines
    • 328 feet from 132 kv lines
    • 164 feet from 66 kv lines
    • 98 feet from 33 kv lines
    • 49 feet from 11 kv lines

There are several meters you can purchase to measure the fields from power lines near your home.

  • DECT cordless phones – Emit radiation 24 hours a day even when you are not using them. Instead, use ordinary landline phones. Or if you are addicted to cordless phones, you have a couple options. If you live in Europe, you may want to use the Orchid low radiation cordless phones or the Siemens Gigaset S675, which only emit a signal when you are using them.

If you live in the US or Canada, you may want to look into shielding devices to reduce EMFs from your cell phones, cordless phones and landline speaker phones.

  • WiFi – Along with DECT phones, WiFi is overwhelmingly the main contributor to household electro pollution with power densities far above any nearby mobile phone mast.

You don’t need WiFi in the home, school or office. A far more efficient and environmentally friendly set-up would be to buy a hard wired router such as a Linksys Cable/DSL Router or Netgear ADLS2 Modem Router with 4 port 10/100 Mbps Switch (DG834) together with a dLan High speed Ethernet Installation starter kit from www.devolo.com .  This will enable you to route the internet signal through your house ring circuit enabling you to use as many computers a you want from any room with full internet connection without the WI-FI.

Sounds complicated but is surprisingly inexpensive simple to set up and use.

  • Digital Baby Alarms – Nearly all baby monitors are now digital. These alarms use the same technology as DECT cordless phones and will continuously pulsate microwave energy throughout the baby’s room and beyond.

If you go to my website: www.royriggs.co.uk and click on Baby Monitors on my home page you will find a couple of recommendations where you can still get non digital baby alarms, which do the same thing without the microwaves.

  • Transformers – The job of a transformer is to convert high voltage to low voltage. An example of this is a digital bedside alarm clock that only need 6 volts to operate, but is plugged into your 120 volt ring circuit (240 volts in the UK). The volts that it doesn’t need are radiated out as energy and heat.

Bedside clocks usually have the transformers inside the clock housing.  Most others are usually black and look like big 3 point plugs and are hot to touch.

Make sure all transformers are at least two feet away from you body.

  • TV and computer screens – Best to change your old cathode-ray monitors (the ones with the deep backs) to any type of flat screen monitor as these give of far less electromagnetic fields than the old type, which thankfully you can’t buy any more.
  • Main ring & Lighting Circuits – Your body voltage is highest where you sleep. Naturally your body voltage should be in harmony and in equilibrium with the earth’s natural Schumann based electrical field, which is under 350 mV and normally stable at about 2 mV. Average person sleeps with a body voltage of about 2,500 mV or more.

Following all the above advice will make an immense difference to you and your families health.

In addition to these great tips from Roy Riggs, you can also look into personal and home shielding solutions to protect you from EMFs in your home or outdoors.

We are grateful that there are professionals like Roy Riggs, who use science to help us heal from modern-day technology.

About Roy Riggs:
After a career in forestry and police services, Roy Riggs entered the field of Geobiology and professional dowsing. He studied environmental science at the Open University and in December 1998 obtained his B.Sc degree.

Roy took further studies in the field of dowsing and geobiology in Germany with biophysicist Dr. Luger Mersmann and Adolf Packeiser a graduate from the Institute for Research in Geobiology. He is certified by the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology as an electromagnetic energy consultant.  He is also a professional Earth Energy dowser and has had articles published in both the Namaste magazine, The British Society of Dowsers quarterly journal and the Institute of Geology and Geography Vilnius Lithuania.

Roy continues to commit himself to the study and health consequences of both natural and manmade electromagnetic environments. He has undergone joint research with Keith Jamieson at Imperial College of Environmental Science London on the issue of the Earth’s natural energy field and is a guest lecturer at London Westminster University’s School of Integrative Medicine, The British College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Royal Homeopathic Hospital London, Foresight- (The Association of Preconceptual Care), and is a member of the science committee for The Baltic Dowser’s Association Lithuania.

To learn more about Roy Riggs or inquire about his services, visit his website at: http://www.royriggs.co.uk/


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