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Samantha Rayn Bachman is certainly a woman of many talents and qualification. She is multi skilled in the speaking and healthcare industry and covers many areas of orthodox, orthopathic and naturopathic medicine, as well as being a very suave comedienne. However these days she prefers to be known as an educator of Self-Care and her work with Physical and Subtle Body Alignments. In short she teaches how to reconnect to the living field of consciousness, where all healing and wisdom originates.

Samantha covers the topics of Heart, Mind, Emotions and Consciousness with not only a comprehensive description of what our body and mind is, but also what they are capable of. She gives you a very humorous ride through what it is to be human and have an Ego, that often leads us in every direct but the right one.

Samantha Bachman YoutubeShe has interviewed and filmed (via her TV show- A Bloody Brilliant Life), extensively on people who have had near-death experiences or been the recipients of donated organs. Her understanding of ‘the other side’ of life has her audiences thoroughly engaged as she helps them understand how ‘they too’ can re-connect and find life’s purpose and answers.

With many years of looking at live blood and tissue samples under a microscope, Samantha has developed a brilliant understanding of how our inner environment behaves, especially when it is presented with challenges such as food and environmental toxins. However it is the body’s reaction to ‘Thought Chemicals’ that has consumed Samantha in research for many decades. “With every single ‘THOUGHT’ we have, a neuropeptide is released. In other words, our thoughts release chemicals into our body and our body reacts to those chemicals. Our thoughts, or in actual fact, the EMOTIONS that are created from the thoughts, affect what has been referred to as the ‘Living Matrix’, ‘The Field’ or ‘Source Field’ around us in every way imaginable”, says Samantha

Her years at the Pacific Private Hospital with a brilliant neurologist and neurosurgeon, Dr., Melinda Pascoe, have given her a great understanding of the dis-eases and imbalances of the human nervous system. This along with decades of consuming herself in the research and teachings of some brilliant doctors and scientists have helped develop her understanding of what it is to be a LIVING BEING; “Most just don’t know how to use their mind and have little or no understanding of consciousness and the powers we all have to create balance and harmony [or disharmony] in our body and life as a whole”, says Samantha. She understands well how not only food, but, our ‘thinking’ and our emotions affect us as a whole, including our subtle body.

A meeting with Samantha will have you understanding how over 90% of dis-eases are either diet, or ’thought’ and ‘emotion’ related or both. She puts forward a pretty convincing case on how what we put in our body and our mind over the day – impacts us on a physical and spiritual level more than we ever thought possible. “It takes 1 billion molecules of energy to make 1 molecule of Matter; we are quite simply – ‘Energy Beings’. Sadly we have death by knife, food and ignorance at mass proportions. It’s time to stop digging our graves with our teeth and take back control of our health, our life, our ego, our mind and our soul before someone slaps a patent on them! Seriously it has come to that”, says Samantha.