Earth-Haven & Nightcap on Minjungbul working together

Earth-Haven in conjunction with Nightcap on Minjungbul brings you a new way to live


Rural land sharing provides for the efficient, sustainable and social use of rural land, important in developing ‘community’ living opportunities for like and lifestyle minded residents.  Rural land sharing communities provide multiple occupancies entered into as a group collective, while maintaining master allotments as a ‘single title’ to avoid dissection of land parcels. In the midst of exponentially increasing housing cost, Rural Land Share has been earmarked as an important, sustainable and cost-effective housing option throughout the northern New South Wales region and indeed throughout the state.  This housing typology thrives in desirable and otherwise expensive locations, in particular when it is co-located and close to scenic, ecological, cultural and natural features and landscapes, such as national parks, mountain ranges, cultural landmarks, waterfalls, valleys and the like.  The Nightcap site presents this exact combination of natural landscape, cultural and environmental features.  

The vision for the emergence of the NCV rural land sharing community is one of an ecologically intuitive, co-operative, organically minded and socially interactive shared living community; these vision objectives in fact become the ECO’S of the Nightcap community.

Rural Land Sharing Communities are a State Government led and backed land-use for Rural lands which allow multiple owners and dwellings (previously called Multiple Occupancy) on single lots.  These are ‘permissible with consent’ on our site, which means consent can be granted, typically where all impacts, considerations and services can be catered for.  We therefore have an expert team of consultants and are seeking this consent though DA for Rural Land Sharing Communities.  All of our consultants have supported the design, layout and proposal and have provided expert reports endorsing this.

Note: Rural Land Share Communities are made permissible with consent by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Rural Lands) 2008. Current legislation facilitates assessment at the Local Council level with determination at either the Local Council or a Regional Panel level. 


Nightcap Village is situated on Minjungbul country. The Community includes over 3,500 amazing acres of land nestled at the foothills of Mount Warning (Wollumbin) in Northern New South Wales, Australia.

The expansive views of Mount Warning are simply breathtaking.
We offer one of the largest privately held rain forest parcels within touching distance of the Gold Coast. Stunning views and the ideal climate make the location a piece of Heaven on Earth.

Imagine orchards of organic fruit, paddocks of organic vegies, filling your basket with living food. Imagine then taking in the incredible views of Mt Warning. If you can imagine this, you’ll love what we’re developing.

The property is situated in between the gorgeous towns of Uki and Nimbin at Mount Burrell. This is in the lush area known as the Mount Warning caldera in Northern New South Wales. The exact address is kept private, but will obviously be disclosed to those who book a tour and wish to inspect the property.


This incredible space offers breath taking views of Mount Warning, Sphinx Rock and Mount Burrell, and of course the awe-inspiring Border Ranges and includes the entire township of Mount Burrell.


Millions of years ago Mount Warning was a super volcano, whereby the Border Ranges were actually the outer edges of this huge active volcano. So this property now lays in the enormous Caldera, with many waterways, creeks, dams, forests and rich volcanic soil.


The philosophy of the Community is to get back to the tribal wisdom of living in harmony with Mother Nature as well as the fundamental lore of Doing No Harm.


The Community centres on providing proven, sustainable living solutions (especially true in this current climate of fear and propaganda), that are as relevant now as they have been since time immemorial.

Note: Rural Land Sharing Communities are a State Government led and backed land-use for Rural lands which allow multiple owners and dwellings (previously called Multiple Occupancy) on single lots.

The Nightcap Village development is currently opening its doors to future residents, who can now apply to join the Community and Company as members.

The overall Community vision is that of Honouring Tribe and Country. In order to make sure that all areas of the Community encompass these philosophies, the developers have established a set of guidelines known as:

The Five Yidaki principles:

These five principles could be said to be like a finger and thumb on a hand, which when come together in sequence form a powerful fist, united and strong.

The Land

Is the deal being proposed the correct thing for country? Is it respectful and does it honour the purpose for which we have come together… to live in harmony with Mother Earth in this sacred place?

The Local Tribe

Whilst land and tribe are synonymous and obviously intrinsically linked, we do take into account and give special consideration to both as separate entities.

Before material decisions are made, we ask the opinion of the tribe and the ancestors who have gone before them, so as to pay respect to them and their culture on country, as much as to the land.

The Community (the Company)

All transactions must provide benefit in some or many ways to the Community and therefore all Community members, as shareholders.

The Incoming Purchaser/Shareholder

The benefits to the incoming purchaser need to be clear and evident, and the vision and direction of the Community needs to resonate with them from the beginning.

It goes without saying that if the company is performing well, then shareholders are usually happy, but the reverse is just as important and some would say even more so. The developers want people to join us on the land and for them to live their highest and best purpose, and to “Live what they Love”. We actively encourage people to fulfill this area as an integral part of their lives on country.

The Developers/Visionaries

The developers must be successful in making this project a world leading example of alternative ways of living that are readily available.

This Project is the first of many such YIDAKI communities set for development and expansion around Australia and to be built on tribal lands in partnership with local tribes. By supporting this development and the developer’s vision, you are also helping to advance the alternative way of life for many others that share our tribal views and who want a way out of the system.

If these ideas and the philosophies resonate with you and you’re interested to know more, please get in touch and we will send you a simple questionnaire for you to fill in, to tell us a little bit about your story and why you would like to join your future with ours.


What is an intentional community? An intentional community is a planned residential community characterised by a substantial degree of social connection and working together. The residents of an intentional community typically posses similar desires regarding lifestyle, environment and community.

Is there water on the land? Yes, the property borders the fresh water section of the Tweed River and also lower sections of Byrrill Creek. The property boasts several good quality dams, one is over 800 metres in length. There are waterholes, one in particular on Byrrill Creek is nothing short of spectacular (see photo gallery). There is also the possibility of drilling for water, which many neighbouring properties have done very successfully. Rainfall in this area is also very sound.

Is there power on the land? There is mains power to the industrial shed in the middle of the property which includes 3 phase power for heavy machinery, and also to some homesteads that will be occupied by on site managers etc. It is our view that homes will generate their own power, but whether that is done as a group, or whether everyone will all be responsible for their own power is still on the table for research and discussion.

Will there be a community centre? Yes, most certainly. We see a functional Community Centre as being a vital part of this community. It will provide many things such as a meeting place, a good quality kitchen, wood fired oven and conventional ovens/stoves, areas to hold functions, swimming pool, gymnasium etc. Our research to date indicates that virtually all successful communities have a great Community Centre and regular social activities.

Is there a fire management plan? Yes there will most certainly be a fire management plan, including sufficient water in dams, and an escape plan should the situation warrant it. As part of the DA there is an extensive fire plan being supplied by Peter Thornton from BPAD (Bushfire Planning and Design) who are certified bushfire experts.

Are there any restrictions on what I can build? Yes. All dwellings will need to be of suitable quality so as to ensure safety standards are met. (We are aiming for Australian Building Standards as a minimum). The design and layout of the structure and its location on the block will be up to each individual. We are very open to ‘alternative’ style dwellings such as Earth-ships, Shipping Container Homes and so forth, however, safety and other aspects are important as well. All dwellings will need to be passed by Council in terms of safety etc.

Is it necessary to have a 4WD to live on the land? Not necessarily. All roads on the property will be built and maintained to a high standard (not all will be sealed) and all residential and communal areas will be accessible by standard vehicles over time. Having said that, the roads will take quite some time before they are upgraded to all points on the land. Also, from time to time the area can experience heavy tropical rains, and as with any rural area, caution ought to be taken where necessary. So in the first 4-5 years, we believe a 4WD is sensible.

What is expected of a member of the community? DO NO HARM is the fundamental rule of the community. All of the ‘formal’ requirements will also be set out in the By-Laws/Shareholders’ Agreement and the Company Constitution. It is expected that a level of genuine ‘Community’ feeling will exist between all of those who reside on the land, and taking an active part in Community exercises and meetings is an important part of the decision to invite you on to the block.  There is no desire to ‘live in each other’s pockets’ or to be ‘communal free loving hippies’ by any means, but an active group mentality is vital for those times that it is required. Community = Common Unity and there are many common goals and values that we all share. Fostering and supporting processes that allow us to grow as a group is the primary focus of this project.

Can you have pets and are there any restriction? Pets are allowed, with no restrictions envisioned at this time, other than typical standards of acceptable behaviour that will be detailed within the By-Laws. Dogs will be required to be adequately housed, as when dogs (even domesticated dogs) get together in a ‘pack’ formation, it can and does at times cause problems for livestock, and children.

What’s the current offer?

The Nightcap Village development is currently opening its doors to future residents, who can now apply to join the Community and Company as members.

The overall Community vision is that of Honouring Tribe and Country.

We are currently offering 2.47-acre land and sustainable home packages within the Communities. If you would like to know more, please contact our real estate guy Rich, (his details are here below)

Rich Moate at

Rich is one of our Community Members and the Principal & Licensee at Nightcap Realty

Pete Evans at Nightcap on Minjunbal and he’s here to stay.

Excited to have Pete Evans as one of our Nightcap Community members
Pete and Gunham having a chat about living off-the-grid and out of the Matrix 🙂

To go the the Nightcap website please click the Home link below and enjoy the tour of what we have on offer to support those wishing to get off-the-grid and out of the Matrix 🙂


Experience a piece of paradise
If the idea of this holistic village resonates with you, register and join the webinar to find out more about what it’s like to be part of this amazing sanctuary!