Dome Homes

Live with Peace of Mind, feel Safe and Protected, in Comfort.


The arch is the strongest form in architecture and has been used in building for thousands of years. A dome is simply an arch rotated 180 degrees. SuperAdobe is extremely well-suited for building arches, domes and vaults, and SuperAdobe domes are extremely strong structures. They have passed California earthquake code tests, and withstood a 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Nepal. 

Using geometry and a simple compass tool, builders can easily create corbelled dome structures of various heights and up to 22 feet in diameter. 

Domes are one of the worlds most fire proof home.

  • A home that feels comfortable safe and secure
  • Spacious high ceilings – Natural harmonious resonance
  • Bush fire extreme protection
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter – Energy efficient
  • Rust proof, Flood and Termite proof.
  • Engineered for cyclone and earthquake
  • Low maintenance – Lower insurance costs
  • Domeshells just feel so good
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