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Hilarious talk by Samantha Bachman on junk food and kids diet

Samantha Bachman speak at the Real Food Revolution Event and gives an hilarious talk on what happens when we eat junk food. Samantha has been a stand-up comedian for many years and has a unique style in delivering the truth about what goes in our mouth and the effects in our body. This video is not for those that are offended by the truth and a bit of in your face humor as only Samantha can get away with.

Samantha Bachman has had over 30 years in the healthcare industry. She now prefers to teach people how to eat well and get away from the disease management model we have become familiar with and take control of our own health via proper diet and lifestyle habits. We are digging our graves with our teeth, it is time to understand what our body really needs and reclaim our health says Samantha.



Kids Snacks Foods in a Hurry

Samantha Bachman lets us know just how easy it can be to have already made snack foods for the kids in a hurry. There is no need to give them junk, there is a great assortment of healthy snacks on the market such as the Aribar, Emma & Toms , Wholebar, 100% True Fruit and a range of other raw food bars. So have a look in your local supermarket and see what you can hunt out, oh and don’t be afraid to ask the store manager as to when they are getting a bigger range in 🙂



Samantha Bachman & Joe Cannatelli on Raw Fruit & Nut Recipes & Ideas

Samantha is in the kitchen at J.C’s Quality Foods with Joe Cannatelli (The Boss) showing just what can be done with a few natural ingredients and a blender. She shares with you the benefits of eating well and why we have so many nut allergies these days.





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