Samantha is a brilliant life coach, mentor, and teacher who Inspires people to make huge changes in their lives 

It is the body’s reaction to ‘THOUGHT CHEMICALS’ that has consumed Samantha in research. She understands well how our feelings and emotions affect our bodies functioning and how most are in Fight or Flight mode most of the day!

“With every single ‘THOUGHT’ we have, a neuron-peptide is released. In other words, our thoughts release chemicals into our body and our body reacts to those chemicals. Our thoughts, or in actual fact, the EMOTIONS that are created from the thoughts, affect what has been referred to as the ‘Conscious System’ or ‘Network’ around us in every way imaginable”, says Samantha.

Samantha helps people reach their true potential and make some significant changes to the path of humanity.

She teaches people how to get their body and their mind right.  She gives people an in-depth understanding of them self, their strengths, weaknesses, natural skills, and talents as well as going deep into the workings of the Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind so as to stop Self-Sabotage and take you to new levels of happiness.

Decades of consuming herself in the research and teachings of some brilliant doctors and scientists have helped develop Samantha’s understanding of what it is to be a LIVING BEING; “Most don’t know how to use their mind and have little or no understanding of consciousness and the powers we all have to create balance and harmony [or disharmony] in our body and life as a whole”, says Samantha. She understands well how not only food, but, our ‘thinking’ and our emotions affect us as a whole, including our subtle body. After coaching with Samantha you will have an understanding of how over 90% of dis-eases are either diet, or ’thought’ and ‘emotion’ related or both. She puts forward a pretty convincing case on how what we put in our body and our mind over the day – impacts us on a physical and spiritual level more than we ever thought possible. “It takes 1 billion molecules of Energy to make 1molecule of Matter; we are quite simply – ‘Energy Beings’, says Samantha.

Samantha Bachman MediaThe best thing the universe ever told me says Samantha was…

When you focus upon anything at all, it’s like a call goes out to every corner of the Universe, summoning ideas, strength, courage, insight, resources, and whatever else is needed to complete the laser beam of your concentration. If it’s an answer you need, it will be forthcoming. If it’s a choice you have to make, your options are calculated and recalculated under each scenario. If circumstances need to be arranged then every soul on the planet is consulted when you focus.

Even if I had have studied the Quantum World and Consciousness until I died, nothing would have explained the paradoxes I pondered between Physics and Quantum Physics. It has been my almost nightly ‘out of body’ experiences, that has given me the understanding of how it all works. The biggest realization I had was in the need to drop all ‘BELIEFS’, Cultural, Religious and Personal. I saw that these were the ‘Biggest Hurdles’ to Personal Evolution and Growth. These ‘Blocks’ inhibit the Power we have to Command our Life. Extract from TUNED TO CREATION – The Union of Body, Mind and Soul by Samantha Rayn Bachman

Samantha’s Profile: A Natural Born Leader – ENFJ-A (“The Protagonist”)

As a natural born leader, mentor, teacher and coach, Samantha was born to inspire others to be the best they can. She has a very unique and original method of bringing out the best in people by getting them to fully understand WHO THEY ARE, their good and bad days, their skills, talents, abilities, strengths and weakness are exposed and from there Samantha helps you write the STORY OF YOU. She leaves no stone unturned on the path to YOU and you discovering who you were meant to be, as a partner, a friend, a parent, a boss, an employee, an entrepreneur or another inspiring change maker.

Samantha Bachman's profile - Protagonist
Samantha Bachman’s profile – Protagonist

ENFJs are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. Forming around two percent of the population, they are oftentimes our politicians, our mentors, our coaches, and our teachers, reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world. With a natural confidence that begets influence, ENFJs take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves, their community and the world as a whole.

People are drawn to strong personalities, and ENFJs radiate authenticity, concern, and altruism, unafraid to stand up and speak when they feel something needs to be said. They find it natural and easy to communicate with others, especially in person, and their Intuitive (N) trait helps people with the ENFJ personality type to reach every mind, be it through facts and logic or raw emotion. ENFJs easily see people’s motivations and seemingly disconnected events and are able to bring these ideas together and communicate them as a common goal with an eloquence that is nothing short of mesmerizing. The interest ENFJs have in others is genuine, almost to a fault – when they believe in someone, they can become too involved in the other person’s problems, place too much trust in them. Luckily, this trust tends to be a self-fulfilling prophesy, as ENFJs’ altruism and authenticity inspire those they care about to become better themselves.

People with the ENFJ personality type are passionate altruists, sometimes even to a fault, and they are unlikely to be afraid to take the slings and arrows while standing up for the people and ideas they believe in. It is no wonder that many famous ENFJs are Presidents – this personality type wants to lead the way to a brighter future, whether it’s by leading a nation to prosperity, or leading their little league softball team to a hard-fought victory.

ENFJs are genuine, caring people who talk the talk and walk the walk, and nothing makes them happier than leading the charge, uniting and motivating their team with infectious enthusiasm.

ENFJ-A’s Natural Strengths:

Tolerant – ENFJs are true team players, and they recognize that that means listening to other peoples’ opinions, even when they contradict their own. They admit they don’t have all the answers and are often receptive to dissent, so long as it remains constructive.

Reliable – The one thing that galls ENFJs the most is the idea of letting down a person or cause they believe in. If it’s possible, ENFJs can always be counted on to see it through.

Charismatic – Charm and popularity are qualities ENFJs have in spades. They instinctively know how to capture an audience, and pick up on mood and motivation in ways that allow them to communicate with reason, emotion, passion, restraint – whatever the situation calls for. Talented imitators, ENFJs are able to shift their tone and manner to reflect the needs of the audience, while still maintaining their own voice.

Altruistic – Uniting these qualities is ENFJs’ unyielding desire to do good in and for their communities, be it in their own home or the global stage. Warm and selfless, ENFJs genuinely believe that if they can just bring people together, they can do a world of good.

Natural Leaders – More than seeking authority themselves, ENFJs often end up in leadership roles at the request of others, cheered on by the many admirers of their strong personality and positive vision.

It has been hard to find a coach with Samantha’s skills and natural flare for bringing the best out in people. Samantha has  taken me on an in depth journey of self-discovery. When I saw Samantha on stage I knew she was what I’d been searching for. 4 months on she has transformed my life, I finally know who I am and where I am going in life. She changed my relationships, views towards money, food and now has me hunting for a new career path that will bring out the best in me instead of me slogging away at something I am not happy in. Testimonial Amy Garvey –  Streetwise workshop attendee.

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What some have to say about Samantha:

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Sitting with Samantha had me literally, experiencing and being washed over by humbleness and humility. My heart opened in my chest and I could feel my own Soul flow in and through my physical body, heart, and mind, filling me with love and the power of inspiration. Samantha’s presence has the influence on others of exactly what it is that she is teaching to thousands every year – to get out of Ego and into the Soul and live from the Law of CREATION and TRUTH. “Everything unfolds from there,” Samantha shared. Dr., P Gupta in Mumbai India refers to Samantha as “SAMANTHISM”, the return of love, common sense, and truth to the world”. And it’s true. I have experienced this magic that Samantha shares over and over, and since interviewing her, I have been made aware of my own life when lived from my truth, the truth of love.

Extract from the interview by Emily Gower for her book; Transformation Leaders. New Zealand

“Samantha puts forward a pretty convincing case on how we create what it is we create in life, our happiness, our sorrows, our ease and our dis-ease. Her funny and easy-to-understand style, helps people understand how they can re-wire their brains, re-condition their bodies and silence their ego to make lasting changes.   Samantha is original and unique and delivers the truth of who we are in an entertaining, yet in-you-face way like no other”.

Testimonial by Sonja Christian – Bowen Therapist, seminar attendee and home-care coordinator, Gold Coast Australia

“Samantha is disgracefully effective. Be prepared to be shocked, entertained, and outraged. Also be prepared to enjoy and learn from a human lioness that has been to the bottom of the pit and come up not only smelling of roses but, distributing laughs while helping you to make massive positive changes in your life. She is totally uncompromising and an amazing performer. If you ever want fun and learning in the same breath, go to Samantha. Health Warning: You will be changed for the better – do you really want that?”
Testimonial by Fergus McClelland of Vocal Trademark, London UK

The Personal Side of Samantha:

Part 1: Personal interview with Samantha as to her thoughts on life and where we are currently

 Part 2 Personal interview with Samantha as to her thoughts on life and where we are currently

Our Children have had enough of the Bullshit and are ready for the TRUTH:

Samantha Rayn Bachman is a refreshing and enchanting performer/teacher/healer/goddess, who inspires transformation in her audiences and clients with her honest and hilarious approach to contemporary issues of dis-ease, health and wellbeing.

My admiration for Samantha’s down to earth, inherently Indigenous holistic approach to health promotion inspired me to invite her to share her unique wisdom with Indigenous students in my care. The majority of our students experience compounded, chronic health issues common to nutritionally and economically deprived populations in 3rd world countries.

Our Elders and children intuitively appreciate her honest, “no-bullshit” approach; as she confronts and challenges the toxic realities of modern Western culture which has profoundly corrupted Indigenous individuals and communities for generations. She has on numerous occasions, generously donated and shared her profound knowledge base, time and resources with our students, families, staff and extended community, genuinely committed to reconciling over 200 years of disease by reconnecting our mob to their pre-colonial wellness-promoting lifestyle choices.

Many of the students attending our school are under the care of the Department of Families and have inherited diseases and addictions that disintegrate their sense of self in the world, leaving them disenfranchised and difficult to engage. Samantha’s charisma is palpable and our children; both primary and secondary level, enthusiastically attend her sessions obviously captivated by her stimulating and informative – experiential approach. She entices students addicted to toxic processed foods to experiment with organic and natural produce inspiring their reconnection with their pre-colonial history of wellness. She reignites and reconciles their sense of wellbeing – at a cellular level, nourishing them, physically, emotionally, intellectually, culturally and spiritually.

Throughout my 30 plus year career in nursing and midwifery, I have repeatedly seen extensive financial resources wasted in disease management as the overall health of our Indigenous communities continues to disintegrate. I experience overwhelming frustration when I know we have the internationally renowned Samantha Rayn Bachman available to support our transition from disease to wellness and yet there is no funding available to integrate her approach into our curriculum. I passionately recommend and endorse Samantha’s unique and profoundly effective approach to wellness and wellbeing at every possible opportunity. My dream is to see Samantha influence cultural transformation at the highest possible political level.

Marianne Wobcke RN/RM BaCAIA (hons)

Health Promotion Project Manager,

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service,

Brisbane, 4001.