A NEW WORLD SERIES – By Jonathan R. Banks

A New World Book CoverWhat makes this series distinct is that it integrates the entire picture from the deepest transcendental level of the universe to the human brain and mind, society, technology, evolution and spirituality.
This integration at all levels is necessary, because this is essential if we are to successfully navigate the greatest transition humanity will go through, as described by both science and the ancient seers. This shift is accelerating towards us right now.
This transition is evolutionary and spiritual. It involves the greatest changes to us as individuals, as a species, and to the very foundations of our civilization that will sweep away everything that is familiar.
This transformation is so significant that many scientists view it as the end of an era that began with the first use of sticks and stones for tools. This is an all encompassing dramatic shift; there are enormous challenges; very real dangers, but also the greatest potential to create a spiritually mature society.   A major issue is the contradictory and competing views of our situation and how best to manage it.
A NEW WORLD series will build vital bridges between these views as part of a great reconciliation and provide practical solutions to move humanity forward.
These competing views include:
A New World book 2 * New age models that rely on cosmic shifts, the return of angels or enlightened masters, or simply meditating and adopting ancient practices to enlighten us.
* Scientific models in the Transhuman and Singularity movements that believe we will upload our mind into a computer and become immortal and godlike.
* Scientific beliefs that super intelligent AI will be conscious and godlike and will save us.
* Modern scientific ideas that our world, including us are all an elaborate simulation run by advanced aliens, and there is nothing we can do.
* Social models that believe the social media will enable popular movements to change the world.
* Religious ideas that focus on the coming of Christ.
* New age and mainstream ideas that aliens will rescue us.
* People who believe technology alone will save us.
* Economic rationalists who think the free market will automatically solve all our problems.
* A great many people of all persuasions believe that we are doomed, are in denial, or simply ignorant bliss.
Within this context, A NEW WORLD series addresses the most fundamental aspects of what we need to do to survive the transition and create the most optimum future in the most balanced and comprehensive way.
This viewpoint is not seen in other books from: new age, spiritual and metaphysical to mainstream science, radical sciences like Trans-humanism, or religious traditions.
These fundamental aspects are:
A New World book 31. Create a metaphysical scientific worldview based on a higher dimensional interpretation of the quantum vacuum, set theory, quantum information, computation and complexity theory to heal the split between science and spirituality and unite the world—Book One: The Science of Higher Dimensional Computation and Metaphysics.
2. Provide the science and neurotechnology to heal and raise brain function to a higher sentient fitness and enlightenment—Book Two: The Neuroscience and Technology of Enlightenment.
3. Use agent based modelling (ABM) to simulate the transition and the best possible policies to navigate a safe path ahead—Book Three: Science and our Spiritual and Technological Transformation.
4. Create a realistic vision of the future based on the first three points for visionaries, leaders and artists to inspire the people—Book Three: Science and our Spiritual and Technological Transformation.
5. Upgrade our society’s management systems with the help of AI and ABM— Book Three: Science and our Spiritual and Technological Transformation.
6. Embrace and deploy the emerging new technologies to heal ourselves and the biosphere and transform the material basis of society in manufacturing, food production and energy— Book Three: Science and our Spiritual and Technological Transformation.
7. Connect to universal intelligence to complete our sentient evolution and create stability in a post-singularity world—Book Two: The Neuroscience and Technology of Enlightenment and Book Three: Science and our Spiritual and Technological Transformation.