Adobe Round House

The build features 4 Rammed Earth walls, with the rest of the circular and straight walls being made from SuperAdobe. It has a standard Corrugated iron roof, with all mod-cons, a standard septic, and all powered by solar.

We have used several natural building techniques including rammed earth, cob, natural render and, of course, the earth bags. The home will be highly energy efficient, fire retardant and off the grid. It has a low carbon footprint as it has been built from the earth under our feet. It has no timber frame as the super adobe earth-bag walls are fully structural. We are 20 months into a two-year build.

We’re using recycled greybox to line our eaves and they are coming up a treat.

Recycled or damaged timber that we have bought and found will be a big part of this build, luckily we love a little character! It’s also cost effective and good for the environment which is one of the things we are most passionate about

Whilst it’s wild and windy outside our thick earth bag walls act as a sound proofer.

I think that’s why the house always feels so calm as you enter it.