Morphing into Something Special

Morphing into Something Special – The Story of Your Life

by Samantha Rayn Bachman

Through Morphing into Something Special Samantha teaches us how our body is quite simply a Network of Systems, all designed to have Experiences, collect Information through our Sensory System and Transmit that Information throughout a Larger Network of Systems, [The Consciousness System] for one reason and one reason alone, to Evolve our Consciousness and Create into BEING what it is we desire.

By the understanding that Consciousness is a ‘Process that connects all via a Network of ‘Information’ Systems, (The Network) and that The Network uses Systems to deliver ‘information’, (System Language), to a particular area (target), we are able to truly understand the Human Body and that we are simply a Network of Systems, internal and external, biological and non-biological, living and non-living.

Understanding The Systems ‘Language’ (input/output data), enables us to ‘Correct’ Dis-eases and Dis-harmonies within The Network, (The Process and all it’s Systems) says Samantha. It also allows us to understand how it is our Thoughts, Feelings, Words and Emotion send out a ‘Process Wave‘ to The Network, and hence effect it and all it’s Systems in all sorts of ways.

Once we understand how the ‘Process of Creation’ and The Network works, we are not only able to Command, (direct and master) our life, we are able to re-write the story on humankind.

In Morphing into Something Special, Samantha takes you through the 12 areas of life. She takes you through each area, corrects the ‘language’ (input/output data) and hence corrects any mis-information in that area. Samantha teaches how to connect to the ‘Conscious Field’ (the field around you), via your own ‘inner GPS’ and understand if your thinking is in alignment with what is right for you, to ensure you follow the path (destiny) that is ‘programed’ within you.

She takes you back to ‘Factory Settings’ [as she calls it], by removing all ‘Blocks’ within your Systems Field.

Once each area has been ‘corrected’, she helps you pull all areas together and you end up with The Story of Your Life. The Story that You Command into BEING through knowing how the Process of Creation works!

Prepare to have your eyes opened to the workings of the Human Mind, Body and Field.

Samantha’s teachings of the human body and the Conscious Field is, truly revolutionary and spreading throughout the world like wildfire.

This is a must event for anyone ready for the understanding of Consciousness and how and why we get sick, self-sabotage and are way from our true potential as Humankind.

The KEY is in understanding the‘ Systems Language’ and then sending the Correct Information, (systems input data) to Repair, Enhance and Harmonize that particular Target Area, which often includes our Thinking and Emotional state!

“When you know how to work with the ‘Laws of Creation’ and understand the ‘Operational Language’ it used to create all, you can then use the same language to ‘Morph into Something Special’, it’s as simple as that, the ‘ordinary’ has been done to death, time to become who it is we were meant to be”, says Samantha