Samantha Rayn Bachman – A Woman of Purpose and a Passion to share.

Samantha Rayn Bachman – A Woman of Purpose and Passion

Samantha Bachman is a woman of many qualifications, talents and skills. She has a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, has had over 30 years experience in the medical and healthcare industry and is qualified in many areas of Orthodox, Orthopathic, Naturopathic & Bio-Energetic Medicine. She is a well renowned global speaker, radio personality, published author, TV host, lifestyle coach, and entrepreneur as well a being a very suave comedienne.

With many years of looking at live blood and tissue samples under a microscope, study into Epigenetics, Bio-Energetics and the bodies innate intelligence, along with her work with a brilliant neurologist and neurosurgeon, doctor Melinda Pascoe, Samantha has developed a great understanding of the dis-eases and imbalances of the human nervous system and body as a whole. She understands well how our inner environment behaves, especially when it is presented with challenges such as food and environmental toxins. However it is the body’s reaction to ‘THOUGHT CHEMICALS’ that has consumed Samantha in research for many decades. She understands well how our feelings and emotions affect our bodies functioning and how most are in Fight or Flight mode most of the day!

Her thoughts on life!

“We have lost our way! It seems as life has gone on we have drifted further and further away from our knowledge of truth, wisdom and our connection with the ‘OCEAN OF THOUGHT’ that surrounds us. We have become ‘Fakes’ and are living a delusion of what we think life is, yet deep in our hearts we know we are more and we belong to something larger”.

“Over 90% of dis-eases are either Diet, or ’Thought’ and ‘Emotion’ related or both. What we put in our body and our mind over the day – impacts us on a physical and spiritual level more than we ever thought possible. The solution to our problems is within us all as it has always been. It is this understanding that will free us from the problems of life we have inadvertently allowed to be created”, says Samantha.

What others have to say about Samantha:

Sitting with Samantha had me literally, experiencing and being washed over by: humbleness and humility. My heart opened in my chest and I could feel my own Soul flow in and through my physical body, heart and mind, filling me with love and the power of inspiration. Samantha’s presence has the influence on others of exactly what it is that she is teaching to thousands every year – to get out of Ego and into the Soul and live from the Law of CREATION and TRUTH. “Everything unfolds from there,” Samantha shared. Dr., P Gupta in Mumbai India refers to Samantha as “SAMANTHISM, the return of love, common sense and truth to the world”. And it’s true. I have experienced this magic that Samantha shares over and over, and since interviewing her, I have been made aware of my own life when lived from my truth, the truth of love.
Extract from interview by Emily Gower for her book; Transformation Leaders. New Zealand

“Samantha puts forward a pretty convincing case on how we create what it is we create in life, our happiness, our sorrows, our ease and our dis-ease. Her funny and easy-to-understand style, helps people understand how they can re-wire their brains, re-condition their bodies and silence their ego to make lasting changes.   Samantha is original and unique and delivers the truth of who we are in an entertaining, yet in-you-face way like no other”.

Testimonial by Sonja Christian – Bowen Therapist, seminar attendee and homecare coordinator, Gold Coast Australia

“Samantha is disgracefully effective. Be prepared to be shocked, entertained, and outraged. ALSO be prepared to enjoy and learn from a human lioness that has been to the bottom of the pit and come up not only smelling of roses but, distributing laughs while helping you to make massive positive changes in your life. She is totally uncompromising and an amazing performer. If you ever want fun and learning in the same breath, go to Samantha. Health Warning: You will be changed for the better – do you really want that?”
Testimonial by Fergus McClelland of Vocal Trademark, London UK (

Our Children have had enough of the Bullshit and are ready for the TRUTH:

Samantha Rayn Bachman is a refreshing and enchanting performer/teacher/healer/goddess, who inspires transformation in her audiences and clients with her honest and hilarious approach to contemporary issues of dis-ease, health and wellbeing.

My admiration for Samantha’s down to earth, inherently Indigenous holistic approach to health promotion inspired me to invite her to share her unique wisdom with Indigenous students in my care. The majority of our students experience compounded, chronic health issues common to nutritionally and economically deprived populations in 3rd world countries.

Our Elders and children intuitively appreciate her honest, “no-bullshit” approach; as she confronts and challenges the toxic realities of modern Western culture which has profoundly corrupted Indigenous individuals and communities for generations. She has on numerous occasions, generously donated and shared her profound knowledge base, time and resources with our students, families, staff and extended community, genuinely committed to reconciling over 200 years of disease by reconnecting our mob to their pre-colonial wellness-promoting lifestyle choices.

Many of the students attending our school are under the care of the Department of Families and have inherited diseases and addictions that disintegrate their sense of self in the world, leaving them disenfranchised and difficult to engage. Samantha’s charisma is palpable and our children; both primary and secondary level, enthusiastically attend her sessions obviously captivated by her stimulating and informative – experiential approach. She entices students addicted to toxic processed foods to experiment with organic and natural produce inspiring their reconnection with their pre-colonial history of wellness. She reignites and reconciles their sense of wellbeing – at a cellular level, nourishing them, physically, emotionally, intellectually, culturally and spiritually.

Throughout my 30 plus year career in nursing and midwifery, I have repeatedly seen extensive financial resources wasted in disease management as the overall health of our Indigenous communities continues to disintegrate. I experience overwhelming frustration when I know we have the internationally renowned Samantha Rayn Bachman available to support our transition from disease to wellness and yet there is no funding available to integrate her approach into our curriculum. I passionately recommend and endorse Samantha’s unique and profoundly effective approach to wellness and wellbeing at every possible opportunity. My dream is to see Samantha influence cultural transformation at the highest possible political level.

Marianne Wobcke RN/RM BaCAIA (hons)

Health Promotion Project Manager,

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service,

Brisbane, 4001.

Extract from her upcoming book – A Hell-Bent Life

I have been rich, poor and many places in between. I have been married, divorced, happy and suicidal. I have been unemployed, owned diverse businesses, travelled the world and seen life through many experiences. I have looked into the eyes of people from different races, cultures and beliefs. I have experienced what it is, to be a woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a business owner, a farmer, a professional, an entrepreneur, an entertainer and a teacher.

However nothing could have prepared me for the sudden appearance of a ‘Strange Symbol’ on my body that brought with it paranormal and outer body experiences, clairaudience and visions, all of which have given me a greater understanding of Free Will, the Conscious Network that surrounds us, non-local Entities and the way in which we are able to interact with the ‘Quantum Side’ and use its ‘wisdom’ to change our life and the direction of humankind for the better!

Over many decades of research I had gained a brilliant understanding of the human body, its needs, functions and abilities. I now also understand what we actually are and how to use our bodies systems to gain control over our life and take part in creating what it is that we desire.

Quite simply our body is a network of systems all designed to have experiences, collect information through our sensory system and transmit that information throughout a larger network of systems for one reason and one reason alone, to evolve our consciousness. It is through this connection, that we find all the peace and happiness we seek, we find the solution to our troubles, freedom from our emotional pains and comfort of understanding where we fit into the bigger picture. But most importantly, by reconnection to the larger network we are able to transmit desires that will enable us to, ‘move mountains’ [metaphorically speaking], in our life. The path is laid ahead via the ‘Command’ (decree) of it into existence, [so to speak]. All we need to know is the Language (systems input data) to be used.

The Command System is quite simply the ‘Operational’ Language to enable a desired path to be created ahead of us, it’s as simple as knowing how to use this system, says Samantha.

When we take this conscious path a door will open and a connection with ‘The Teachers’ will be made and our true purpose will become clear. The Command System is our reconnect entry point and the solution to the troubles of life.