The more we know about the nature of reality, the more tools we have to make changes!

In the whole history of civilizations there has never been a time of such rapid change in the world or humankind. Many of the crises that we are experiencing and living in our world today are due to the many cover-ups and ignorance’s of science and humans as to the true nature of things.

Changes are happening though, finally “Science, Spirituality and Ancients Wisdom’s are coming together to show us another way, or should I say the real way that humankind needs to evolve so as to experience our true state of being and the miracles that come with it.

Hundreds of thousands are realizing these miracles and so a shift has started, the planet itself is changing due to this shift. We are starting to truly sense the powers we have within, to create a new world from within out.

The more we know about ourselves and the nature of reality, the more tools we have to begin to make powerful changes in our lives! The key to change is to understand as much as we can about consciousness and the ‘tools’ it uses to develop its self – namely experience via our emotions and feelings. Our consciousness is very aware and notices everything, it observes and pays attention to us. It is aware of our thoughts, our dreams, out behaviors, and our desires. It ‘observes’. PayPal’s former CEO says ‘Investing in Bitcoin is like gambling.’

It takes 1billion molecules of energy to make 1 molecule of mass. The understanding, that we are mostly ‘pure energy’ and that our emotions and feelings are the direct communication with that energy, [consciousness], helps us to change and gain control of, what we are creating as our life.

Great individuals know this and are able to transcend the ‘ordinary’ and live from a greater understanding of the power they have to shape the future.

Your environment does not control your thinking, you do! Once you learn the secrets of tapping into the resources within and the living ‘Field’ around us, you become very aware of the future you are able to create.

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