Your Thoughts Are ALIVE!

Are you one of the 97% of people who just don’t realise how to use your thoughts to create the dream life you desire?

If only the mind came with a manual you may ask. Well the thing is, it isn’t the mind itself that creates, it’s what comes out of your mind in the format of “living thoughts” . Yes you read it right, LIVING THOUGHTS! And the fact is they are. This can be hard to understand, but thanks to experiments using water and thought into it, we can now see the impact in the water according to the thoughts projected into it.

If you’ve had enough of an ‘average’ life and are ready to consciously create a new way of living then give Samantha a call and book into one of her up coming events and get yourself re-connect with the ‘Living Consciousness’ and start creating what you want instead of just stumbling through the day-to-day what-ever.

Time to get excited, for now the time has come that we don’t just have to rely on faith, we can now see the reaction and how ‘LIVING THOUGHTS’ shape our lives and hence how to create with purpose, not just blindly throwing thoughts out there and wondering why things don’t work out for you! It’s because you are not creating consciously, simple as that.

Samantha is hosting 4 events in 2014 where she teaches how you can use your understanding of ‘LIVING THOUGHTS’  to mould your life to be just how you want it to be. So do your future a favour and choose it as you want it to be . After just a few days with Samantha you’ll be changed forever and will never make the mistake of thinking in ways that hurts  you or others.

So do your future a favour and make it brilliant.   Book now for the next event or cruise and change your life for ever. Being at one of Samantha’s events will be the only event you will ever have to do, she covers it all!

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